The Tagburos Properties

There are 3 lots for sale in The Agoho Properties all located 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) away from the airport. Puerto Princessa City is a fast developing tourist area in Asia. A frequent venue for international conferences, it is a treat to convention delegates due to the beautiful island clusters and many activities that the province has to offer. The Subterranean River commonly known as the Underground River is now being campaigned to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. With the river stretching over 8.2 kilometers (5.09 miles) in length under a 4,000 acre cave one cannot help but wonder how this beautiful formation came about. Palawan is also rich in natural resources and good for adventurous folks who like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports. Whether you came to laze around and soak in the sun or engage in water sports activities you will come to love the island and never want to leave. Just imagine yourself basking in the sun and enjoying the good things in life, stress-free.

Land Area: From 9.9 hectares to a maximum of 20 hectares all clean titles

Specific Location: Sitio Agoho, Barangay Tagburos, Puerto Princessa City, Palawan Philippines

Comments / Notation:

  • All clean titles

Please contact us for further details ->Email Us or call USA (626) 359-5439; (626) 641-6350 text only; Phils 090-745-25916 text only

Recommended Use::

  • Residential / Subdivision
  • Retirement Community
  • School Campus
  • Shopping Mall
  • Apartments / Condominiums / Town Houses

Description of Properties:

The properties are big enough for investments in residential housing, retirement facility or commercial complex. It is just 15-minute drive from the airport which is now in the process of conversion into an international airport.

The access road to and from the concrete national highway is now scheduled for construction. All rights of way and road lots have been donated by the owners to the city government which is turn will undertake the cost of construction.

Within walking distance from these properties are the City Transport Terminal and the public market where fresh produce can be sourced daily. It is also 5 minutes drive to the fishing wharf where fishing boats dislodge their catch to waiting buyers. The wharf is also a jump-off point to island-hopping in Honda Bay Area.