Stagira Country Farm Resort

Stagira Country Resort Farm is situated in Pililia, Rizal just a half-hour drive from Quezon City, Metro Manila. Visiting this farm has brought thoughts when I was young. There was nothing much when my sister first bought it except for a few mango and citrus trees. I remember when she would take me for a weekend at the farm when I would find myself helping her clear out the bad weeds and plant some trees together with farm help. The grown trees and the development that happened since then brought me to realizing that time flies, life moves on, we get older and hopefully wiser.

Now that Iím in a new phase in life that God gave me, I was able to think through and sort out my thoughts regarding the new and exciting challenges that are brought forth before me and my husband. This indeed is the place of solace, a place where you can find peace. If you want to commune with nature, you will find it here. You can even hear the stillness of your voice accompanied only by the sounds of the crickets, the owls waking up at sunset and the many animal sounds that remind me of my childhood far away in Palawan. I even saw thousands of fireflies Ė experiences that Iíve never felt nor seen for a very long time. Those wonderful memories were long stored in the back of my mind having lived in the United States for a very long time. They came flooding back to me as I stay in this farm. It was a joy to see the same variety of tropical plants that I tried growing in San Diego, California so healthy in this God-blessed haven where bountiful rain and sunshine pour throughout. I must also say that the challenging steep stairs when you choose to be situated on the top units is good for the heart. Youíll definitely know if youíre physically fit or not. It will remind you to take good care of your health.

This place is good for conferences, retreats, camps, reunions, weddings and special occasions. It has a 120 bed capacity and the restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people seating capacity. It also has a mess hall to cater to campers or conferees and a big swimming pool if you just want to do your laps or simply just have fun with families and friends. The topmost elevated part of the farm has a 360 degrees view of the mountains, hills and the Laguna Lake. There are pockets of tables and chairs good for small meetings. Whether youíre a small or a large crowd, the resort farm can accommodate your needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you need special accommodation. For reservations, please Email us or call USA (626) 359-5439; (626) 641-6350 text only; Phils 092-093-89113; Phils landline dial 011-632-425-9002 from USA. You can leave a message or indicate on your email some details like your name, the dates of your intended stay, your contact number or how you can be reached.